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Maxence Traverse of Honi Honi talks about the growth of rum in Asia

As rum consumption increases and interest in the spirit gains global traction, naturally, it’s seeping into Asian markets. To find out a little more about what’s happening with this rising star abroad, we interviewed Hong Kong based French bar owner, Maxence Traverse. With about thirty years of…


Beachbum Berry Remixed: Go all out Tiki!

Historian and flagship of the current Tiki, we probably have Beachbum Berry to thank for this World return of the current Tiki. He is the author of Beachbum Berry's Grog Log (1998) and Intoxica! (2002), combining these two in 2009 in the Remixed which also contains many…


Smuggler’s Cove Cocktails Go Global with Virgin Atlantic

If you’re reading Rumporter, you’re probably already familiar with the name Martin Cate. After opening Smuggler’s Cove, an award-winning rum and tiki bar in San Fransisco, Cate continued to make an impressive mark on the global cocktail scene with a second bar, co-creation of the outstanding O.F.T.D.…

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