A brief history of rum in India

Interestingly, India’s connection with distillation goes back to at least 1500 years. While there have been many mythological references to sugar cane as an important crop in India, the accurate history of distillation seems to be uncertai

George Washington and Rum

This statement alone could almost be used to summarise rum trade in the 18th century on the American continent.

An organic history of Cuba through the Bacardi saga – Interview Tom Gjelten

When we bought this book, we thought we were dealing with these hagiographic monographs paid for by brands, readings always enriching but to take with tweezers. Faulty mistake, we came upon a monument of erudition that reads like a historical novel. The author Tom Gjeten, an academic, a great reporter who has spent nearly 10 years researching this major pièce of work on the history of Cuba answers our questions.

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