HSE unveils Ragtime!

HSE further complements its range with its Ragtime but before talking about the product, let’s talk about the name…

Ragtime is an African-American musical genre and a precursor to jazz, with its origins in 1900s America. Listen to an excerpt from Scott Joplin below:

Not bad, eh? Now let’s talk about “content”; the Ragtime is a selection of agricole rums made from pure cane juice, matured in new American oak barrels (200 litres) for 12 to 24 months. It’s intended to be used in mixology, HSE added: “This rum will delight both in a Ti-Punch as well as in cocktails.” 

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

The Ragtime cuvée reveals notes of vanilla, delicate wood and delicious aromas.


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