Trois Rivières launches its “The Bar Editions Range”

Trois Rivières rums are expanding their presence in the mixology and bar world by offering a new range of rums – exclusively to bartenders. Daniel Baudin, cellar master at Trois Rivières, has surpassed himself in proposing these new products: “55 Origins”, “Double Wood”, “Cannes Brûlées” (Charred Canes) and “Rhum vieux de l’Océan” (Old Ocean Rum). Also note the new packaging. 

Rhums Trois rivières

Trois Rivières 55 origins

This 55% white rum has benefitted from a slow 5-month watering-down process through the very slow diffusion of ultra-pure water. This process allows the original flavours to be preserved without changing their nature.

Trois Rivières 55 origines

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: Intense and vegetal, with dominant sugar cane, spice and yellow mombin plum notes. Long finish of fruit, macerated fruit and spices.

Palate: Powerful and fresh, in line with the flavours noted. Spicy notes with grey pepper, fresh chilli, and exotic fruits. Some floral touches. The rum is full-bodied and very structured.

Finish: A pleasant and balancing mineral presence provides good length on the palate.

70 cl  bottles – 55%

Trois Rivières Double Wood

After open-tank fermentation and Creole column distillation, this wood-matured agricultural rum is twice wood-matured: 7 months in huge 40,000 litre American vats and then 9 months in small, French 200 litre casks that previously contained whisky.

This double aging has a strong influence on Double Wood’s profile and final structure: the American white oak with mixed grains provides warm notes of cocoa, chocolate and coffee, especially during the first few months of contact.
Continuing the aging process in extra-fine grain French oak barrels prevents the alcohol becoming saturated with toasted aromas, and allows a progressive and complementary release of tannins. This brings more finesse and especially structure to the rum.

Trois Rivières DoubleWood

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: First nose presents a dominance of dried fruits, honey and jam. Second nose presents notes of herbal tea and precious wood. Aeriation brings forth gourmet notes: aromas of stewed fruits, notes of coffee and cocoa.

Palate: Full-bodied, soft and sweet on the palate, this rum sets itself apart by the delicacy and balance of its profile. Notes of spices and pepper blend with warm sugar.

Finish: Long and subtle, in line with the noted flavours.

70 cl  bottles – 43%

Trois Rivières “Cannes Brûlées” (Charred Cane)

This product is a plot-specific rum, from the Figuier plot in Rivière Salée, and is monovarietal, produced from reed cane.

The canes are burnt upwind and to half their height, in order to slow the spread of flames. This traditional method, originally used by cane cutters to remove the cane’s sharp leaves and snakes before harvesting, has been revived by Trois Rivières. The canes are then cut once the flames have died down and are transported, still smoking, to be milled.

The juice is then fermented and distilled in Creole columns and then watered down to 43% using water infused with the powdered charred cane, which is boiled and then filtered.

Trois Rivières Cannes Brûlées

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: Starts with notes of fresh cane, dried flowers, and then opens with notes of toasted almonds and ripe fruits.

Palate: A gentle entrance on the palate quickly intensifies with natural pyrogenic notes of charred canes that explode in a pungent and bitter sensation.

Finish: Very mineral, long and straight on the finish.

70 cl  bottles – 43%

Trois Rivières Rhum vieux de l’Océan

The Rhum Vieux de l’Océan has benefitted from a remineralisation incorporating a touch of sea-water taken from off the famous Diamond Coast. This is an over proof version at 54%.


Trois Rivières Rhum vieux de l'Océan

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Nose: The first nose is dominated by aromas of sugar cane and elegant wooded notes. Dried fruits, tobacco and oriental spices appear in the second nose.

Palate: The attack is lively and tonic and remains balanced. The rum is full-bodied and structured. Flavours of sugar linger on hints of spice, grey pepper and stewed fruits.

Finish: The finish is long and unique: refreshing, mineral and harmoniously balanced with wood and roasted notes. Iodine and silex notes linger.

70 cl  bottles – 54%

Rhums Trois rivières

Trois Rivières

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