Saint James Bitters: Stephen Martin launches his own bitters

Our dear Global Brand Ambassador, Stephen Martin has rolled up his sleeves and has presented his favourite brand with a bitters worthy of its name! He asked himself the legitimate question “Why should signature cocktails be made with bitters produced by a brand that competes with our own?”

Bitters Saint James
©Loran Dhérines

Saint-James Aromatic Cocktail Bitters is the answer to this question. Its colour is a tribute to the dear Dr Amédée Peychaud (and bitters of the same name, much used in the Sazerac cocktail), and its flavours are intended to be a concentrated and condensed version of the essential notes characteristic of bitters.

For Stephen, there are 4 kinds of bitter which we can classify here, and match to their ingredients. First on the list: herbal vegetal, with southernwood and angelica for freshness. Second: citrus fruits, with lemon. Third: spices, with caraway, ginger and coriander. And finally, astringency with quinine and gentian.

There you have 8 ingredients, however there are 10 in all! A little mystery never hurts. Stephen developed this bitter in such a way that you can use it a lot! It is designed to be a Swiss army knife, as effective in a Ti’ Punch as in an Old Fashioned, but allowing your creativity to run wild!

Bitters Saint JamesSaint James Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

20 cl – 44,5%

RRP: €15

Distribution : La Martiniquaise

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