How to convince a whisky enthusiast to switch to rum

It’s not as hard as you think. Dare to reveal to a whisky connoisseur that you prefer rum. And observe their reaction. Can you see it, the irony sparking in their pupil ? And the mockery raising one corner of the mouth, the anxiety of frowning nostrils? Notice…


What’s India drinking

Although the effect of demonitization, declaration of a new dry state and the recent Supreme Court decision to ban liquor shops within 500 meters of national and state highways has been detrimental to the growth of spirits industry in India, according to latest reports, three Indian rum…


Alexandre Vingtier : Geographic Identification, yes we can !

There is something new in terms of transparency, regulation and protection of rum producing areas, a subject of great interest to connoisseurs and professionals alike. Without question, the French have been at the forefront of controlled appellations and global protection of these areas; all French rums have…


USA : the new frontier for Rhum Agricole

In recent years, premium rum sales have increased significantly, as have whiskey and Tequila. So as the US furthers its love of spirits, where does rhum agricole fit in, and what will it take for Americans to fall in love with rums from the Francophone Caribbean ?…


A suggestion for moving forward: “rhum traditionnel”

It is true that there is a lack of clarity concerning the amount of sugar in certain rums (which could soon be improved by nutritional information labels on spirits), and equally that one often imagines that rum producers use local sugarcane juice, or molasses from local sugar…


Is sweetened rum still rum?

Many rums originating from countries outside of the European Union are beginning to occupy an increasing share of the European and French rum markets. While the white rum market may now seem close to saturation, the aged rum market is expanding, and it’s a safe bet that…

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.
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