South Africa’s Rum Revolution

For a country that produces some 2.2 million tons of sugar per season, South Africa was slow in entering the rum game. Happily, its craft-rum revolution is now well under way, with micro distilleries fast multiplying. Deep South Produced in Kommetjie since 2017, Copeland small-batch white rum is…


Oxenham becomes Oxenham Craft Distillery

The Mauritian distillery rebranded itself in July along with the launch of a new Bougainville line sold from October 2017 onwards.  Bougainville has two categories: pure single rums called “Rum Bougainville” and aromatized and spiced rums called “Spirit of Bougainville”. Bougainville is the only distillery in Mauritius…


USA : the new frontier for Rhum Agricole

In recent years, premium rum sales have increased significantly, as have whiskey and Tequila. So as the US furthers its love of spirits, where does rhum agricole fit in, and what will it take for Americans to fall in love with rums from the Francophone Caribbean ?…


An upmarket move for Maison La Mauny

Whilst in 2014 the BBS group decided to review the Trois Rivières range and, to our great pleasure, this year they have decided to revisit the products of the recently renamed Maison La Mauny.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.
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