Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman: Cacao Negroni

Let’s go to Panama with a new nugget, Authentico Nativo ( 54% ABV ), selected by my friend Yannick from Arhumatisé in Rennes. For 1 year, each time I ask him to select several favorites to discover new rums, I tell him about my cocktail and my theme then I taste blind.

It didn’t take me long to decide on this rum; first, the olfactory analysis, then the cocoa, which makes us quickly forget about the overproof; this rum is a treat!

Cacao Negroni au Nativo

I was missing an aperitif or digestif cocktail for the subject, an aromatic cocktail that is enjoyed slowly and each sip is savored.

Cacao Negroni, it’s a wink to a candidate of the Bartenders on Line Challenge who revisited the famous Americano with Cacao, I must say that it really inspired me.

I had organic cocoa beans that I roasted and integrated in the decoration of the cocktail to recall the first flavor that I felt while tasting the rum, hence the name of the cocktail Cacao Negroni.

Cacao Negroni

Ingrédients :

Nativo– 35ml of Auténtico Nativo Over Proof 54% rum
– 25ml of Bitter des Basques
– 25ml of Routin white vermouth

Méthod: Mixing glass

Glassware: Old Fashioned Bach (single rock Ice Cube co.)

Decoration – garnish: Rim organic roasted cocoa beans.

Cocktail Tasting Notes:

The rum Auténtico Nativo directly reminded me of a cocktail containing cocoa, and I detected this flavor from the first sip. This rum is a very nice discovery, it works perfectly in a Negroni with a white vermouth that will bring notes of honey and Bitter des Basques notes of herbs and spices.

The finishing touch is to taste the cocktail with a crunch of roasted cocoa, which gives the cocktail a real originality in the mouth between the freshness of the cocoa and the aromatic power of the rum. This cocktail can be served as both an aperitif and a digestif.


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