Editorial by Alexandre vingtier : “Ia ora na!”

Yes, Rumporter wishes you good morning in Tahitian and not in Creole. Indeed, the Polynesian distilleries are honored, and it’s not the first nor the last time in our magazine.

Alexandre Vingtier

They are currently working on the establishment of a specification and consequently on the creation of a Geographical Indication, international recognition of the uniqueness of their pure juice rums.

Because Polynesian terroirs are fascinatingly diverse – imagine archipelagos spread over an area as large as the European continent – whether in Tahiti, Taha’a, Mo’orea, or even the Rangiroa atoll. And let’s not forget that the famous Otaheite sugarcane variety (from Tahiti) ruled the world of sugar and thus of rum until the 19th century, even in the Caribbean!

The file will continue on our website rumporter.com for the tasting notes of all the Polynesian rums, an exceptional test bench, you will agree!

We also take you to Australia, not to talk about nuclear powered submarines, but about molasses rum, this time with the very old Beenleigh distillery which is making a remarkable entry on the European scene.

We also meet with the Old Brothers who are setting new trends for lovers of exceptional bottles, as well as Ran Van Ongevalle, a Belgian bartender of immense talent who also loves funky rums, and David Mimoun who talks about the most virtuous practices in the world of spirits with Alcools Vivant.

Then a detour to Saint-Malo to discuss Malorhum’s cooked rhum arrangés, then to Colombia with Coloma, the ‘ron’ matured in coffee liqueur barrels, and, finally, Sodade, a little Cape Verdean bomb, and the grogue is invited in many sections of this issue.

See you soon! Pārahi!

Alexandre Vingtier, Editor in chief


Édition automne 2021

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