Editorial by Alexandre vingtier : Immediate boarding!

Rumporter, your indispensable ray of sunshine, is back in great shape for some supercharged columns, especially at a time when travel is often so difficult!

Alexandre Vingtier édito septembre 2021

We’ve launched our first new section (the first of many) dedicated to spiced and arrangé rums, which have become a must-have and a great introduction to rums and their countless flavors and facets.

The editorial team is expanding and will continue to expand with each issue in order to provide more and more relevant and unique perspectives on cane spirits, their producers, and their various origins.

Furthermore, we take you to Goa with Maka Zai, a new Indian brand that is a hit and shows us a different side of the subcontinent. We’ll take a detour through Isa’s brush to reach the Caribbean, the cradle of rum, to tell you the story of the Savalle de Bologne column in Guadeloupe, to understand climate issues with the UN specialist before lounging and chatting in the Rum Shops in Barbados.

Finally, let us set sail for our metropolis to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Ced’s Ti’ Arrangés, to immerse ourselves in the world of Antony Bertin, a genius mixologist, before scouring the best addresses in Strasbourg…

This is an excellent way to replenish your vitamin D, perfect your tan, and, most importantly, meet new people.

What a wonderful way to be constantly enriched by rum culture!


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