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Trois Rivières launches its “The Bar Editions Range”

Trois Rivières rums are expanding their presence in the mixology and bar world by offering a new range of rums – exclusively to bartenders. Daniel Baudin, cellar master at Trois Rivières, has surpassed himself in proposing these new products: “55 Origins”, “Double Wood”, “Cannes Brûlées” (Charred Canes)…


A1710: a string of Perles!

2018 vintages by the shoveful! Talking about the new blends by A1710: Nuée Ardente and Soleil de Minuit… Let’s begin with Nuée Ardente 44.8%, a blend of 7 rums aged for 10 to 18 years. More woody notes and character, a direct result (we’ve been told) of…


Maison La Mauny: V. O. for Very Original

From now on, Maison La Mauny Signature du Maître de Chais will be sold under the name “VO Signature du Maître de Chais” -VO for Very Old, because of the ageing period (at least 3 years)! Maison la Mauny have given this original creation a new package…


Neisson comes back with a stylistic exercise

Neisson has released a Neisson Blanc « Parcelles en conversion bio » bottled at 52.5%. This rum has been made by using sugarcane from lots that are about to become organic farming certified. Momentarily, there are therefore three 52.5% versions, which gives us an opportunity to compare them. Don’t…


A1710 and the real gems

The little Martinican distillery never ceases to amaze. It celebrates its first anniversary this year and is about to launch two new white rums called “La Perle Rare” (the real gem), at 52% and 52.5% ABV, both produced from sugarcane grown on an organic land (ECOCERT certified),…


Saint James celebrates 20 years of the AOC with a new vintage

For the 20th anniversary of the AOC and following the recent election of Saint James’ oenologist Marc Sassier as chairman of AOC Martinique (from now on, we should call him Mr. Sassier or Mr. Chairman!), the rum maker has launched the brand new Single Cask 1997 in…


Neisson pulls out all the stops as its 85th anniversary

Armade, or the 4 decanters of the Apocalypse, are enough to get your bank privileges suspended! The squadron of 4, which assembles the oldest vintages of the producer, has been imprisoned inside crystal decanters, for the greatest pleasure of collectors and wealthy drinkers alike! It should be…


Trois Rivières and Maison La Mauny score twice

Staying at the top is hard. Trois Rivières knows that and always launches new products very carefully. Before even announcing their latest new rhum, let’s remember that “L23”, the letter and first number in its name rings a bell in many rum lovers’ minds. Last year, Trois…


Trois Rivières: from the plantation to the still

Thanks to Rhum, this little Martinique hamlet has become famous around the world - even if its distillery has been out of action since 2004. But the 120 ha plantation still provides its sugarcane juice, and the two distillation columns are still active on the Riviere-Pilote site,…


Interview with Emmanuel Becheau of JM rums

Cyrille Hugon: How long have you been working for J.M? Emmanuel Becheau : I began my professional career at Héritiers Crassous de Médeuil in July 1997 where I worked as the Commercial Director until 2002 (when the company was taken over by GBH, the Groupe Brenard Hayot). Following…

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