A suggestion for moving forward: “rhum traditionnel”

It is true that there is a lack of clarity concerning the amount of sugar in certain rums (which could soon be improved by nutritional information labels on spirits), and equally that one often imagines that rum producers use local sugarcane juice, or molasses from local sugar refineries, even though the molasses could, in fact, have come from several thousand kilometres away as many islands no longer have refineries.

The JM Armagnac Cask Finish rhum comes out on top!

Good news for rum in general and French rhum in particular: following last year’s 7 year old Isauter from Réunion, it is J.M of Martinique who has most recently won the Spirits Selection 2016 Trophy at the awards held in Tequila, Mexico at the end of August.

Meet Cyrille Lawson the Black Sheriff of HSE Rhums

Cyril Lawson has been the Commercial Director for HSE rums for 20 years and has accompanied this emblematic brand through its journey for registered designation of origin, becoming one of its formidable ambassadors