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Hampden LROK White: a whitewash victory

This is a limited edition with “xxx” bottles! – is “xxx” a misprint or does it mean “play as long as you win”? Hampden LROK White gives you a great opportunity to compare it to its aged counterpart! Brace yourself for an explosion in your mouth, although…


Habitation Long Pond White, a loving heart, and… a punch in the face

Yet another white rum released by Habitation Velier. As a reminder, a previous collection saw the release of a white Habitation Velier Port Mourant. A master stroke given the production costs associated to white rum… It is well known that high ester rums also serve as ingredients…


An orange label does not necessarily mean Velier!

This is the Indies column, so let’s talk about an independent producer… Oops! They’ve done it again… Le Gus’t have a policy of allowing young wildlife (I mean “rums”) to grow up (I mean “age”) in their natural habitat (I mean “in a tropical environment”). In this…

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.
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