Habitation Long Pond White, a loving heart, and… a punch in the face

Yet another white rum released by Habitation Velier. As a reminder, a previous collection saw the release of a white Habitation Velier Port Mourant. A master stroke given the production costs associated to white rum…

Habitation Velier - Long Pond STCE White
It is well known that high ester rums also serve as ingredients for purposes other than tasting rum. Incidentally, I usually add a spoonful of Hampden HLCF to my Dark n’ Stormy – to try it is to love it…

This Long Pond is the STC (heart) E marque, and its ester content varies between 550 gr and 700 g per hectolitre of pure alcohol, but, surprisingly, this is not an aged rum. Truly a punch in the face… a sadomasochistic message to light rum enthusiasts?

Habitation Velier – Long Pond STCE White

70 cl – 60%

Average price: €55

Distribution: LMDW

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