Hampden LROK White: a whitewash victory

This is a limited edition with “xxx” bottles! – is “xxx” a misprint or does it mean “play as long as you win”?

Habitation Velier - Hampden LROK White

Hampden LROK White gives you a great opportunity to compare it to its aged counterpart! Brace yourself for an explosion in your mouth, although this is not due to the HLCF in it: LROK White has an ester content of 350 to 400 g per hectolitre of pure alcohol (versus 550 g for HLCF).

We’ve been told about notes of freshness, fresh fruit, heady flowers, spices and herbs – a bit of everything really.

Habitation Velier has stayed true to themselves and offered yet another bottle that glows in the dark.

Habitation Velier – Hampden LROK White

70 cl – 62.5%

Average price: €55 – Distribution: LMDW

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