Economic Review for rum in 2020 : interview with Sylvain Dadé, Associate Director at SOWINE

The 10th edition of the SOWINE / Dynata barometer contains valuable information about rum. They support the idea that this spirit is indeed the sexiest of the early 20s.

Sylvain Dadé, Associate Director at SOWINE: “Rum is the spirit most appreciated by consumers and it continues to recruit.”

Fabien Humbert: How did you carry out your study and how is rum faring?

Sylvain Dadé: Sylvain Dadé: We asked how often consumers of spirits consumed this or that type of spirit. It turns out that rum is in the lead with 82%, which means that only 18% of spirits lovers don’t consume it.

This represents a growth of 3 points compared to 2019. Where whiskey, second in our ranking, is stable at 75%. So rum is the most popular spirit among spirits consumers and it continues to recruit.

FH: How often?

SD: And above all, rum is developing more regular consumer segments. We actually classified respondents into occasional (one to several times a year), regular (one to several per month) and heavy consumers (one to several times a week). In 2019, we counted 9% of heavy consumers on rum, in 2020, they were 13%.

Regular consumers have increased by 2 points, from 22% to 24%. This shows the dynamism of the category. Its direct competitor, whisky, has a higher regularity of consumption, but the gap is narrowing and the dynamics of whisky is slightly less buoyant.


FH: Apparently the French have started to make cocktails at home, have you noticed this trend?

SD: Yes, it is very clear, the French are more and more interested in mixology, even if it remains occasional. 85% of those surveyed told us that they had already made one at home (+10 points). 46% said they make it a few times a year, 25% a few times a month and only 14% once or several times a week.

And when asked “which spirit do you prefer to consume in cocktails?”, again consumers placed rum in first place by far with 53%, against 34% vodka, 30% whisky and 18% tequila.

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