The barmen’s view on Plantation Pineapple – 1/3 : Dirty Dick’s

Plantation Pineapple
With all the enthusiasm created by Plantation Pineapple stinggin’s fancy, we had a lot of fun asking a group of french bartenders what they thought about the star product of 2016.  We’re kicking off with the so tiki duo, made up of scotty and guillaume of dirty dick.

Rumporter: Can you briefly tell us about the concept for Dirty Dick?
Scotty and Guillaume: It’s about escapism; tiki cocktails, in other words exotic cocktails, with rum blends, fresh and homemade products.

R: When did you discover Maison Ferrand’s Pineapple?
S&G: Just over two years ago. Maison Ferrand very confidentially brought the first batch to our bar as a gift, just before the official presentation at Tales of the Cocktail.

Plantation Pineapple
Tiki ambiance of the Dirty

R: In your opinions, what are its main characteristics?
S&G: You notice more subtlety between the first and second batch, with notes of vanilla and wood. This rum brings out the flavours of the Victoria pineapple incredibly. It is not very sugary and well balanced.

R: Why is it interesting to use in a cocktail?S&G: It can be enjoyed quite simply, without ice and simply at bar temperature. Of course, it has enough body to mean its flavours are not lost in a cocktail. It’s an authentic product characterised by a real pineapple taste, more specifically Victoria pineapple, without the chemical element you find in certain rums. It works well with our flavours at Dirty Dick, even more so since tiki drinks such as Navy Grog, Painkiller or Zombie can be perfectly reworked with Plantation Pineapple.

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R: What type of cocktail do you make with Plantation Pineapple at Dirty Dick?
S&G: For each of the rums at the bar, we first try it neat, and then in a daiquiri, that’s a rule here. And Plantation Pineapple in a daiquiri is extraordinary! When we held an evening devoted to this rum, we made a punch inspired by the recipes of the 19th century using French products, at the same time putting emphasis on the fruit and the refreshing side: Plantation Pineapple Rum, Pierre Ferrand Cognac 1840 infused with butter, Sauterne, honey, lemon and French cider. On the next menu, we’re adding two or three cocktails based around Plantation Pineapple including a Negroni.

Scotty and Guillaume’s recipes with Plantation Pineapple:


  • 5 cl Plantation Pineapple rum
  • 1.5 cl homemade passion fruit syrup
  • 2 cl lime

Put all of the ingredients into the shaker along with a good helping of ice. Shake vigorously and pour into a coconut shell. Stand the shell on a small bowl filled with ice and decorate with the peel of a whole pineapple.

Stiggin’s Negroni

  • 4.5 cl Plantation Pineapple Rum
  • 2 cl Aperol
  • 1.5 cl Dolin rouge
  • 0.5 cl Lustau fino sherry
  • 6 drops of Boker’s bitters

Put all of the ingredients into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice and mix gently using a bar spoon.

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