Savanna : a Métissage collection ” In memoriam “

Savanna has recently released a new collection of four vintages: the Métissage collection. Like a mirage, some wine lovers just saw it without being able to approach it! Produced in small quantities, this collection was quickly sold out.


Four vintages paying tribute to the roots of Reunion Island: India, Mozambique, Madagascar and China. Like its last collection, Savanna once again offers “haute couture” packaging.


This 2003 vintage is a 16 year old (tropical aging) matured in Armagnac casks (Maison Darroze). 822 bottles available for sale.

50cl – 64,2% ABV

RRP : 127€

Savanna Maputo


A “twin brother” of Maputo: 2003 vintage, 16 years old and matured in armagnac casks but reduced to 44,8%. 834 bottles.

50cl – 44,8% ABV

RRP : 124€

Savanna Fort Dauphin


12 years old for this 2007 vintage matured in Moscatel casks. 300 bottles on sale.

50cl – 55,1% ABV

RRP : 128€

Savanna Canton


A 12 years old wine aged in wet cellars on the island of La Réunion. 678 bottles of this 2007 vintage will be available.

50cl – 60,3% ABV

RRP : 129€

Savanna Madras

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