[Rum & Haute Cuisine #1] Brugal x Maria Marte

Rum is not condemned to be consumed only as an aperitif or digestif. It can also be an excellent accompaniment to a meal. Benjamin Rousseaux proves this with every issue, but he is no longer alone in his art of pairing food and rum. Numerous restaurateurs have taken the plunge, and the discipline is even making its way into the kitchens of luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Over the last few months, Rumporter (which already benefits from the splendid recipes of Benjamin Rousseaux, chef of the Artist restaurant in Castres, and a pioneer in the field) has had the chance to try out several of these rum-based menus, concocted by renowned and/or Michelin-starred chefs. Tested and approved!


Brugal x Maria Marte

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Maria Marte is the head chef at the El Club Allard restaurant in Madrid. “El Club Allard” in Madrid, which has two Michelin stars. Last June, she created a menu to match Brugal Dominican rums (Cuvée 1888).


The Menu

Soft-cooked prawns with spiced fruit water
Deconstructed sweet potato omelette

Chilled langoustine salad with mango guacamole

Main course
Sea bass with coconut sauce Pork belly with manioc vinaigrette

Creamy chocolate and guava cake

Meet Maria Marte

What is your background?

My name is Maria Marte, and I’m originally from the Dominican Republic. I spent 17 years working in Spain at the Clud Allard restaurant in Madrid, where I started out washing dishes. At the same restaurant, I became head chef and was awarded two Michelin stars.


What are the gastronomic characteristics of Brugal rums?

Brugal rum has some very distinctive characteristics that can be combined very easily when creating a menu. In my case, the woody notes of Brugal rum go very well with the maceration or marinating of meats. What I love most about Ron Brugal is the unique characteristics it has retained over time. There are now four generations, and Brugal continues to surprise an increasingly demanding public.

How did you come up with the rum and food pairings?

The menu we served in Paris with Brugal was a careful selection of the products most consumed in the Dominican Republic to adapt them to a very exi- geant public, taking care of every detail when it came to understanding what would be associated with a rum with as much character as that of 1888, and it was a unique experience with great acceptance where, once again, Brugal wanted to share the best of ourselves.

Is it common to drink rum with meals in the Dominican Republic?

Rum is always present at a good table. Dominicans always drink it before or during dinner or lunch. In Madrid, Brugal rum is a legend, and more and more people are taking it as a reference in gastronomy.

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