Rhumbellion: round 2 of the competition from Trois Rivières Rhum Agricole

Rhumbellion Trois rivières

It was on 12 April beneath the rays of a tropical sun that the Italian barman Nicola Battafarano (soon to be found creating some real buzz in a Parisian establishment) thrilled Martinique, winning the first ever Rhumbellion, the emblematic competition from the French plantation Rhum Agricole, Trois Rivières. His three cocktails with a twist used different vintages from the prestigious Rhum house and completely seduced the six names from the international bar scene. Above all else, they demonstrated a range of creative ways that the Martinican Rhum Agricole can be used. We’ll never forget the “Dark Sip”, created using the Trois Rivières Cuvée des Moulins, an elixir served in an old-style vial which mixes fine bitter notes with the roundness of this delicious Rhum vieux. A revolutionary cocktail!

Rhumbellion, round two

Boosted by the success of this first competition, which attracted 200 barmen from all over the globe, Trois Rivières is dusting off the shakers and launching the second edition. And we’re delighted! The aim: confirm the place of rhum agricole in both French and international cocktail culture. From 1 to 6 December, barmen who want to take on the challenge are invited to sign up on the website www.troisRivièresrhumbellion.com. There’s no time to lose in thinking up an iconic Trois Rivières recipe which demonstrates the following characteristics: Caribbean Chic, hedonism, modernity and expertise. Eighteen semi-finalists from across the world will be selected and will face each other in Paris for a food-pairing challenge lead by a top chef. Only six candidates will make it to Martinique for the final. A sole victor, the most audacious, creative and discerning in the world of rhum agricole will receive numerous prestigious awards and one of the Trois Rivières grands millésimes in a valuable Baccarat bottle! Good luck!

“Trois Rivières Rhumbellion: would you dare revolutionize French Rhum Agricole in Mixology? »

Rhumbellion Trois rivières

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