Komasa, the Japanese gin that takes us on a tour of the Kagoshima terroir

The range of gins from the south (of Japan) has just been extended with the arrival of a vintage in which red fruits and basil play the leading roles. Gourmet and crunchy to perfection!


Japan is known for its sake (a fermented drink made from rice, water, Koji and yeast), its shochu (a spirit made from rice, sweet potatoes, barley, wheat, buckwheat or even sugar cane), its whisky (Nikka, Yamazaki…) or even its rum (Nine Leaves, Ryoma…). Always with the same attention to detail, this love of things well done and always… with the same success! Founded in 1883, the Kanosuke Komasa company is located in the prefecture of Kagoshima (the southernmost part of the main island).

This mountainous region of the coast is home to its own fauna and flora, giving rise to numerous varieties of plants. Specialising in the production of traditional spirits, and particularly renowned for the quality of its shochus, in 2018 the company inaugurated the Komasa Jyozo distillery, also in Kagoshima prefecture. It is now writing a new chapter in its history by launching the production of other categories of spirits such as whisky (Kanosuke)… and Gin.


Gin made from shochu and local botanicals

The originality of the Komasa range comes from the fact that the gin is produced from the famous house rice shochu. Each element is brewed separately and then assembled. In addition, the distillery has formed partnerships with local fruit and botanical producers, which makes it possible to offer 3 Japanese and local gins. In particular, green tea is used in the composition of Komasa Hojicha gin, alongside juniper berries and coriander.


Or Komasa Komikan, which uses the world’s smallest mandarin orange, the Sakurajima Komikan, in addition to juniper berries and cypress bark.


These two vintages have just been joined by Komasa Ichigo, which relies on red fruit and basil, again alongside juniper berries.

The three expressions of this Japanese gin are packaged in 50 cl bottles, 50% proof, and distributed by Whiskies du Monde.

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