“La Galerie”, the new Longueteau rums collection, in collaboration with artist Shuck One

Rhum Longueteau presents its very first association with the art world.

Shuck One et François Longueteau
Shuck One and François Longueteau © SP PHOTOGRAPHIE / RHUM LONGUETEAU

A fusion of two worlds, united by a shared artistic approach. A special edition with an exclusive container, created by Guadeloupean artist Shuck One. Shuck One made his name as a graffiti artist in the early 80s, notably in Paris. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots: “As a Guadeloupean who travels the world, I’m delighted to have been able to work with the Longueteau distillery to reconnect with my roots and promote Guadeloupean excellence”.


“La Galerie” is a blend of aged rums and white agricultural rums carefully selected by the Cellar Master. This collection is dedicated to the creative interpretation of François Longueteau’s savoir-faire and his homage to various artists, as he explains: “The art of creating rum goes hand in hand with the work of materials, textures and colors, just like creating a canvas. The color reflects the evolution over time, as it is in the cellar that materials are exchanged and harmonized. Rum, initially white, evolves to offer a palette of golden, green and brown nuances…”

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