Flavors Island, a new tropical and colourful collection

A new collection of rum-based spirits: Flavors Island, from the Indian Ocean.

Flavors Island

Made from fresh molasses from the sugar cane plantations of Reunion Island, it is then bottled in Brittany. The same goes for the glass, the cap, the label and the carton, which come from suppliers based in mainland France.

The colourful design and pencil illustrations will not go unnoticed. Each bottle represents a landscape and a facet of the archipelago. The collection consists of three references: Anana’ Beach, Agruma’ Beach and Banana’ Beach.

Anana’ Beach
70cl – 40% ABV

Agruma’ Beach
70cl – 35% ABV

Banana’ Beach
70cl – 38% ABV

Flavors Island is available in wine shops at a recommended retail price of €27.90 incl. VAT


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