Trois Rivières and Maison La Mauny score twice

Staying at the top is hard. Trois Rivières knows that and always launches new products very carefully.

Trois Rivières - Millésime 2006
Before even announcing their latest new rhum, let’s remember that “L23”, the letter and first number in its name rings a bell in many rum lovers’ minds. Last year, Trois Rivières—through Daniel Baudin, master blender of the two houses above—bottled the famous L23, short for Loge 23, the location of new 400-liter American oak casks that contained the 2006 vintage at the natural alcohol content of 55.5%.

This year, Daniel uses the same 2006 vintage, but this time the rhum was aged from its birth to its bottling inside an old 400-liter cognac cask. The famous cask has the number 206, which gives the L23-206 name! Know that even if your liquor store makes a mistake with your order and you end up with the L23 instead, you still won’t lose on the deal.

Maison La Mauny VSOP

Next, let’s see what’s happening at Maison La Mauny’s! La Mauny innovates again thanks to the Maison La Mauny Acacia that we covered in the What’s Up of our previous issue. Also worth noting is the soberly named Maison La Mauny Ananas (pineapple).

This time, the VSOP undergoes a reboot. On paper, the Very Special Old Pale is quite attractive since Monsieur Baudin has blended a 9 year rum with a 5 ½ year rum, which, according to his own words, gives “sweetness and character”.

Trois Rivières L23-206

70cl -43% ABV

SRP: €69

Maison La Mauny VSOP

70cl – 40% ABV

SRP: €50

Sold by: wine & liquor stores through Dugas

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