Puppa Rhums, from the south of course!

Puppa Rhums is a new independent bottler from the south of France with two products to their name. Computer scientist by profession but also Reggae/Dub producer in the past, David, also nicknamed “Puppa”, can’t live without passion. In 2019, he launched into the world of rum and over the course of meetings, including a certain Guillaume Ferroni, his products were born.

Puppa Rhums

The first is “Walrus”, a molasses rum from the oldest Australian distillery, Beenleigh. It is a 4 year old cask strength rum which was first aged for 3 years in ex-bourbon casks and then spent 1 year in ex-Beaumes-de-Venise casks and is 62.4% ABV. It is limited to 250 copies.

Puppa Rhums

The second label, “Sanctus Jacomus”, is an agricole rum from the French West Indies (secret distillery) with a VO age statement (3 years minimum), which has aged in bourbon barrels and is bottled at 55% ABV.

This selection was made with Hugo Randazzo (Les Rhums du Sud) and Guillaume De Roany. The rum was then finished in an old pineau des Charentes barrel (white) in collaboration with the Navarre cooperage.

After 2 months and a passage in stainless steel tanks, the bottling was done in September.

Puppa Rums – Cuvée Walrus

50cl – 62,4% ABV

RRP : 66€

Puppa Rhums – Cuvée Sanctus Jacomus

50cl – 52,6% ABV

RRP : 65€

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