Pirate’s Grog : Two Englishmen in Honduras…

Les Whiskies du Monde offers a new line of a little rum hailing from Honduras – and more accurately – from the heavenly island of Roatán, 60 kilometers from the northern coasts of the country.

Pirate's Grog- Rhum Honduras

Roatán is surrounded by one of the world’s largest coral reef, the Mesoamerican Reef, which stimulates the creativity of the travelers that stay there.

Most of all, it’s the story of Gareth & Beth, two “British travellers”, of whom we don’t know whether they decided one day to leave their shitty jobs to go raise llamas in Peru or something else, but who went through Honduras on their way. Gareth and Beth discovered the Pirate’s Grog by sheer luck and decided to become its ambassadors. The result is two rums, 5 and 13 years, without coloring or chill filtration –nice! – available in 37.5% and 40% ABV –less nice!

Beware, the “Batch Two” of 13 years is not a blend composed of only rums aged for 13 years, but also includes a “splash of 8 year aged” rums?

The packaging is nice (and the French distributor even made its own case) and so is the story. You can even have a customized scroll if you order on Pirate’s Grog website.

Pirate’ Grog 5 years

70cl – 37.5% ABV

SRP: €35

Pirate’s Grog 13 years

70cl – 40% ABV

SRP: €89

Sold by: wine & liquor stores through Whiskies du Monde

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