In the SiSwati language, “Mhoba” means… sugar cane! Furthermore, this South African pot distilled rum is made from pure sugar cane juice!


The cane comes from the farm… What farm, pray tell? Well, the farm… at the Mhoba Rum Distillery! Sugar cane cutting is performed manually. Using local bread yeast and indigenous yeast, the fermentation process takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the season. Interestingly, Robert Greaves is an adherent of the DIY ethic… A former engineer, he’s built everything himself: fermentation tanks, press and stills…

The reason? The prohibitive cost of importing equipment, he says… Another unusual thing is the fact that South African spirits feature an alcohol content of at least 43%. Mhoba has come up with a wide range in a relatively short time: there is something to suit all tastes, provided you can stomach strong spirits! Taking a look at their pictures, I can see that their American oak aged rum timidly contains a 43% alcohol content, whereas others proudly flaunt higher percentages (between 58 and 68%)… Wait!

Their pineapple rum is also presented at 43%. Their labels offer consumers a lot of information, something to praise them for. In conclusion, there’s real energy surrounding Mhoba and we all look forward to them being distributed in France.

Mhoba – White, Select White

American Oak, Strand 101°, Pineapple,

High Ester

70 cl – 43 to 68%

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