Maison Ferrand installs the first floating ageing cellar in France

Maison Ferrand will soon install the first floating ageing cellar in France. This 1948 Freycinet barge, named “Barge 166”, will come to drop anchor in the Seine, in Issy les Moulineaux (92) in the spring of 2021.

Barge 166 Maison Ferrand

1500 barrels of 30 liters will hang on board the “Barge 166”. Rum of course with Plantation but also cognac (Ferrand). It is even whispered that Swedish Mackmyra whiskies will be invited.

The objective of this floating ageing cellar is to study in the best conditions the “dynamic ageing”.

rhum plantation

This project will also be open to spirits lovers. It will be possible to become the owner of one or more casks, and to join the circle of the “Private Cask Owners” of Barge 166. Each owner will be able to choose a type of cask as well as the eau-de-vie they wish to age in it from a selection of Plantation rums and Ferrand cognacs. He will then have the opportunity to visit him on the barge, follow his evolution and decide when to bottle it.

See you next year, in spring!


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