Long Pond, a piece of history in a bottle

On August 16, International Rum Day, the National Rums of Jamaica (NRJ) presented the first official distillery release of Jamaica’s Long Pond ITP-15 Single Vintage rum, a first since 1753.

Long Pond Jamaïque

Martha Miller, CEO of NRJ, is proud: “Long Pond ITP-15 Jamaican Rum is the first bottled rum from the Long Pond distillery. Long Pond ITP-15 is not a blend of rums from another distillery. With Long Pond’s authenticity, reputation and heritage, this expression will continue to highlight the versatility of Jamaican rums and solidify the iconic status of Long Pond rums!”

This Long Pond ITP molasses rum, distilled in a John Dore still, the only one of its kind still in operation in the world, was aged in charred American oak barrels for 15 years. The acronym “ITP” stands for “Ive Trelawny Pot”, for a rum with an ester content of 90-120.

Robert Gordon, Master Blender, shares his impressions, “ITP has a funky, spicy aroma that underscores the multi-sensory nature of this quality expression. The hot molasses and allspice flavor gives the palate an oaky taste with hints of caramel, offering a rich, crisp, and amazing finish.”

Long Pond ITP-15

70cl – 45,7% ABV

RRP : 279€ (France)

504 bottles (France)

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