J.Gow Rum : a Scottish rum inspired by pirates, distilled in Orkney

Few rums are produced in Scotland and even fewer are produced on the uninhabited island of Lamb Holm.

J.Gow Rum

This 40-hectare island, at the northern tip of the United Kingdom, may well be one of the smallest rum-producing islands in the world!

The distillery, located by the sea, on the archipelago that already houses the Scapa and Highland Park malts distilleries, is one of the only buildings on the island, apart from an Italian chapel, that has been there since the Second World War.

And yet founder Collin Van Schayk and his team are somehow able to produce several rums. Today the range consists of three rums: one is spiced and the other two rums are aged differently, particularly the Fading Light, which spends a period in a chestnut barrel!

J.Gow Revenge – 3 years

70cl – 43% ABV

RRP : £38,99

J.Gow – Fading Light

70cl – 43% ABV

RRP : £34,99

J.Gow – Spiced Rum

70cl – 40% ABV

RRP : £29.99


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