HSE Rums: Two Cask Strengths that give all they’ve got!

HSE Rums unveil two products: two Cask Strengths to complement the “Expert Cask” range.

After fifteen or so years of research and development, HSE brings us two rums whose aromatic profiles are quite distinct, thanks to the different technical characteristics of the selected casks. Indeed, the origin of wood, its maturation time, grain, the volume of the cask and heating profile form a set of elements that directly affect the finished product.  These choices have been made in close collaboration with HSE Rums’ historic cooper.

Cyrille Lawson explains their methodology: “We’ve gone really far down the path when it comes to the question of casks, especially on the maturation of the wood. The wood is left outside before being made into casks and the UV rays, wind etc. ages it, which results in it offering much finer and more complex tannins.”

This is a very limited production; there will be about 400 bottles of the American oak and about 500 of the French oak. A hundred of each are earmarked for France, and the same quantities for Martinique.

“Bottling 2 casks is heresy for the majority of professionals, we could lose up to 60 litres of juice. But we prefer to concentrate on a small amount whose quality we can regularly check and so offer a well-crafted product. It would be impossible for us to follow up the production of 100 casks and we wouldn’t achieve the same quality.”says Cyrille Lawson.

Don’t worry, a second batch is planned for the end of the year.

HSE Rhum Agricole Extra Vieux 2007 – Brut de Fût – Chêne Français

The French oak from which these casks are made comes from the Vosges forest in Eastern France. Also known as the Darney Forest, it is considered to be the kingdom of oak, and renowned for the high quality of its wood.

Rhum HSE -chêne français

The wood is aged for more than 24 months. Then this cask strength rum is aged in a 400-litre un-charred barrel, heated just enough to bend the staves.

Rhum HSE -Brut de fût - Chêne français

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Aromas of candied fruits, sandalwood and quince jelly are heightened by notes of confectionary and roasted pineapple with a delicate and persistent long finish.

70 cl bottle – 50.8%

Approximately 500 bottles for batch No. 1


HSE Rhum Agricole Extra Vieux 2007 – Brut de Fût – Chêne Américain

The American oak used to make the cask comes from the heart of the Ozarks Forest, which is located between Arkansas and Missouri.

Rhum HSE -chêne américain

The wood is aged for more than 24 months. The rum is aged in a 300-litre barrel with a long, traditional distillation.

Rhum HSE -Brut de fût - Chêne américain

Tasting notes provided by the producer:

Mellow woody notes, cinnamon and brandied prunes blend with aromas of old leather, cocoa and cigar box for a very long finish.

70 cl bottle – 51.2%

Approximately 400 bottles for batch No. 1 


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