Elements Eight launches Republica Rum

Elements Eight have launched Republica, a brand-new addition to their range which sees them move beyond St Lucia for the first time.  Elements Eight Republica is a blend of two single rums, sourced from distilleries in Cuba (Cubay) and Panama (Varela), and sets out to debunk the claim that “quality” rums can only be made by blending pot and column, or pot only distillations as the rum is produced from column stills. Untouched by any form of adulteration, be it caramel, sugar or other flavourings, the individual marques are independently tested and then blended and bottled in the UK.

lements Eight Republica Rum

It’s been over 10 years since the Elements Eight brand has launched, and in that time the company has built a strong reputation for pure, unadulterated rums.  Originally a bartender’s brand, Elements Eight’s latest extension to the range is indicative of an approach that continually looks to evolve and deliver unique rums with outstanding quality and genuine product integrity.  The launch of Republica sees the Elements Eight range swell to four, the others being: Elements Eight Vendôme Limited Edition; Element Eight Platinum; and Elements Eight Exotic Spices.

Carl Stephenson, founder of Elements Eight Rums and creator of Republica, comments “Elements Eight is a framework, a step by step process to apply a handcrafted, balanced approach to creating rums with artisan producers.  I hold product integrity dear and consult heavily on the liquid with distilleries, bartenders and rum writers.  Cuba and Panama have always fascinated me and I feel Republica respects the spiritual home of rum, with its rich, romantic and unorthodox roots”.

Stephenson has a long history in the world of rum having previously worked with some major players. When asked “Why Cuba and Panama?”, the simple answer is “Why not? These been rum producing locations that are both evocative and distinctive. Elements Eight might well have had a long association with St Lucia, but it’s not bound to it and the advantages of being a brand of our size is that we can choose to do take a step like this. We could have run in any direction, Jamaica, Barbados or the like” On a personal level, this step seems to be massive, and whilst it’s too early to talk about any of the other projects in the pipeline, the future it seems is wide open for a direction.

In the glass, Republica has a light amber appearance, no spirit caramel features in any of the other expressions in the range and certainly doesn’t feature here. On the nose, Republica has a very distinctive Cuban vibe – vegetal and powerful. The initial entry on the palate is sweet, and develops nicely. Then the Panamanian identity reveals itself, with hints of chocolate and leads into a dry finish, a dryness that builds with subsequent sips. This is a rum that is likely to be widely accepted.

Republica is non-chill filtered and aged for a minimum of five years in Bourbon casks and is presented at 40%ABV.

Elements Eight Rums are available via Mangrove (info@mangroveuk.com or 0203 409 6565), with an RRP of £25 – £27. 

For further information contact Elements Eight Rums via: info@e8rum.com or the new web-site: www.e8rum.com

Follow on twitter via @Elements8Rum.

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