Corman Collins celebrates its 55th anniversary

The Belgian bottler of the oldest Saint James (up to 21 years old for Rotary) and the oldest bottled Bally is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year.

Founded in 1965 by Hubert Corman and Marie Jeanne Collins, the original activity was to offer all the farm products and their derivatives. The first selections appeared during the last decade with very nice collaborations with Bally, Trois Rivières, Saint James, Caroni, Hampden, Panama, Diamond, Port Mourant, and Clarendon. To celebrate its 55th anniversary, it has unveiled three 25 year old vintages as well as a boxed set, featuring the following three single casks.

Corman collins Clarendon jamaique

Let’s start with the Clarendon 1996/2021, a 25 year old at 54% ABV which is a real favourite for the bottler: “This 95% tropical Jamaican is really my favourite, everything is there in this expression, it’s bold, fruity, toasted, exotic, a complexity due to, I think, the slight reduction just before bottling. Other vintages should join the party soon. To be continued..

Clarendon 1996/2021 25 years
70cl – 54% ABV
RRP: 320€.

Caroni 1996/2021 25 years – Black Cat bar
70cl – 50% ABV
RRP: 550€

Diamond 1996/2021 25 years
70cl – 46.6% ABV
RRP: 320€

3x20cl box of the three Single Cask in a limited edition of 100
RRP: 385€

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