Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman: Hemingway Daiquiri Revisited

Let’s go to Cuba, the biggest island in the Caribbean, the one that makes every bartender dream when he starts his job. You have probably heard about EMINENTE, the new Cuban rum, but have you tasted it?

Hemingway Daiquiri Revisité au Eminente Ámbar Claro

The 2 vintages Àmbar Claro 3 years and Reserva 7 years are delicious, for a summer cocktail it is well on the Àmbar Claro that I selected, which offers us a Daiquiri of high flight! There is not only the bottle which is magnificent, the rum is just as much and it is not every day that a new Cuban rum appears on the market.

The Ron Eminente keeps the unique characteristics of Cuban rum while bringing a real modern touch to the tasting. Daiquiris and other Mojitos are sublimated, I find that in Hemingway Daiquiri the Àmbar claro vintage expresses itself best mixed with pomelo and elderflower cream instead of the traditional Maraschino, it is the ideal cocktail before a gastronomic dinner.

Hemingway Daiquiri Revisited

Ingrédients :

Eminente– 40ml of Eminente Ámbar Claro rum
– 10ml of Combier Elderflower Cream
– 10ml of lime juice
– 25ml of Corsican pomelo juice
– 5ml of homemade organic sugar syrup

Méthod: Au shaker

Glassware: Small iced cocktail cup

Decoration – garnish: None

Cocktail Tasting Notes:

The first tasting of the Eminente ron immediately reminded me of a classic cocktail “Hemingway Daiquiri” and I assure you that with this new Cuban rum, this classic takes a whole new dimension!

Because elderflower is in season, I rediscovered it through the Combier liqueur. I love this classic with the maraschino liqueur, but the elderflower adds a touch of modernity. This cocktail is fruity, dry, and tangy, and it’s perfect as an aperitif.

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