Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman: Organic Fizz

Direction Martinique with the new vintage pure organic cane rum Saint James, all in finesse for a fruity cocktail with plant and floral flavors, the Organic Fizz.

Organic Fizz au Saint James Bio

“The rum is 40% vol. so it is relatively light for an agricole rum from Martinique which makes it more accessible in Mixology, especially for those who have difficulty with agricole rum, I recommend it is a nice introduction.

For this cocktail, I had fresh tarragon, rhubarb, lime, sugar, absinthe, Artonic Mixers, all from organic farming, hence the name Organic Fizz.
I used the rhubarb in filaments to remind the reed of the sugar cane, the tarragon it will bring the vegetable note to this fruity rum, finally the wormwood acts as a bitters.
It works well with sparkling water, but with Artonic Lemongrass Soda, you can make a competitive cocktail that allows you to start with agricole rum”.

Ingrédients :

– 45ml of Saint James Pure Cane Organic White Rum 40%.
– 10ml organic homemade sugar syrup
Saint James Bio– 10ml of organic lime juice
– 2,5ml of Awen Nature Finn Délice organic absinthe
– 70ml of Artonic lemongrass soda
– 1 fresh organic egg white
– One fresh tarragon stem with leaves

Méthod: Dry shake

Glassware: Frozen highball back (served without ice)

Decoration – garnish: Fresh tarragon, rhubarb, Organics We Are avocado pit straw

Cocktail Tasting Notes:

In the summer, we often forget about this family of mixed drinks that are the fizzes, ideal at the end of the afternoon, long thirst-quenching drinks, floral and vegetable. This cocktail is perfect to discover agricole rum, the Saint James organic vintage is 40% and is light, fruity and therefore very accessible.

This fizz is a nice introduction, the tarragon and wormwood brings complexity to the drink, finally the lemongrass soda sublimates the fruity sugarcane of the rum: A Must Try


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