Cocktail recipe by Yoann Demeersseman: Kraken Mule

The Kraken Mule is the ideal long drink for a festive evening to change the traditional Cuba Libre or Mojito, this classic cocktail takes another dimension when mixed with the Ginger Beer Artonic, a new range of organic mixers produced in Cognac.

Finally, a few drops of the excellent Giffard premium liqueur with espelette pepper brings to this cocktail a nice length in mouth, coffee, ginger, lemon, pepper… It matches!

Kraken Mule cocktail

Ingrédients : 

– 50ml The Kraken Black Spiced
– 10ml lime juice
– 150ml Artonic ginger beer
– Stick Collins Ice Cube co.
– A few drops of Giffard premium Espelette pepper liqueur

Méthod: Straight to the glass

Glassware: Highball Bach

Decoration – garnish: Organic sun-dried tomato, Organics We Are avocado pit straw

Cocktail Tasting notes

KrakenThe Kraken Mule is a long drink that can be enjoyed in the evening. Although it is a twist on the classic Mule, it is much more complex than it seems because I selected a new organic ginger beer produced in Charente by the house Artonic, it matches perfectly with the spices of the Kraken. Blind, this drink reminds me of a Cuban classic, the “Cubata” (half old rum, half cola), it is really spicy, the Espelette pepper liqueur is optional but if you have it, it brings more complexity to the recipe.


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