Clairin : Sonson completes the range

After the Sajous, Clairins from Saint-Michel-de-l’Attalaye, Vaval from Cavaillon, Casimir from Barradères, and Le Rocher from the village of Pignon, a new bottling has joined the range: the renowned Sonson, produced by Stephan Kalil Saoud in Cabaret, a village north of Port-au-Prince on the coast of the Arcahaie.

Clairin sonson

The sugar cane, of the Madame Mevs variety (sometimes phonetically spelled ‘Meuse’) is grown on 25 hectares.

Carte Haiti Clairin

Once harvested, the cane is pressed and the juice is slowly reduced to obtain a syrup. The fermentation is done with natural yeasts and the distillation is done in an iron still. The clairin is bottled without reduction.

clairin sonson

Clairin Sonson

70cl – 53,2% ABV

RRP : 48€


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