Chairman’s Reserve 1931 is back, stronger, more unique!

For your reference, Chairman’s Reserve 1931 is a limited edition by Saint Lucia Distillers, a group distilling on the small island of Saint Lucia, south of Martinique.

Chairman’s Reserve 1931

Six editions  have succeeded each other year after year, but from now on Chairman’s Reserve will be a continuous blend, rather than the current annual evolving release.

A seamless blend of Coffey and pot still rums, this 6th edition marks a rise from 43% to 46% in alcohol content. 90% of the blend is rum made by fermenting and distilling molasses (imported from Guyana), and 10% is rum made by fermenting and distilling… sugarcane juice in a John Dore double retort pot still!

Yes, this is the much-talked-about distillate made with produce from the plantation adjacent to the distillery, the only one on the island. In terms of ageing, these rums  aged for 7 to 12 years in bourbon and port casks.

Chairman’s Reserve 1931

70cl – 46%



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