Black Tears, the cuban spiced rum

Black Tears, the only spiced rum brand in the top 10 trendiest rums in mixology unveiled by Drinks International magazine.

Black Tears
© Christian Nerette

Black Tears is the first and only spiced rum produced in Cuba. It is a blend of Cuban dry rum aged 2 years, infused with coffee beans, cocoa and sweet peppers called “ají dulce”.

It is also one of the driest spiced rums on the market since it contains only 9 grams of sugar per liter. No artificial flavors or colors are added, the maceration is made with 100% natural spices.

Tasting notes provided by the producer :

The nose provides a soft harmony between coffee, honey, wood and chocolate notes.

On the palate, the coffee aromas first seize the taste buds, giving way to the beautiful bitterness of cocoa.

Sweet chilli pepper comes to spice up the whole, for a sublime spicy finish.

Black Tears – Spiced Rum

40% abv – 70cl

Recommended retail price: 29,90€.


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