Barikenn: heading to Fiji and Mauritius

Nicolas Barikenn offers us two new selections. After Barbados and Jamaica, let’s go to Fiji and Mauritius.

Let’s start with the single cask from Fiji and more particularly from the South Pacific Distillery. A molasses rum distilled in 2012 and bottled in March 2021. It has been reduced to 58.5%. It will be available in a limited edition of 291 bottles.

For the second selection, in Mauritius, 12,262 km from Fiji: a single cask from 2013 whose distillery will remain a secret … Pure cane juice distilled in alambic and then aged in French oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon. Reduced to 53.6%, it will be available in a limited edition of 260 bottles.

Barikenn – Fiji 2012

70cl – 58,5% ABV

RRP : 75€

Barikenn – Mauritius 2013

70cl – 53.6% ABV

RRP : 72€

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