“Baie des Trésors” (Bay of Treasures), the latest from Martinique

A new AOC rum, this brand is made up of two products with the sweet names of “Fleurs du vent” (“Flowers of the wind”) and “Fruits des pluies” (“Flowers of the wind”) in reference to the plots where the cane grows.

Baie des Trésors

The latter is a rum whose cane comes from the “Dufferet” plot, a humid area. Indeed, on these exposed slopes, the cane receives more rain. The result is a prosperous cane, rich in juice.

“Fleurs du vent” is, as its name indicates, more subject to the trade winds on the Caravelle peninsula. This parcel, called “Spoutourne”, is drier, which gives a beautiful concentration of aromas in the cane.

The rum is distilled from pure cane juice and aged for 2 years in small oak barrels. Each parcel benefits from a personalized ageing process, for the humid zone (“Fruits of the rains”), the rum was aged mainly with French oak. For the dry zone (“Flowers of the wind”), it was aged with American oak.

Baie de trésors fruits de pluies

Baie des Trésors – Fruits of the rains

70cl – 50% ABV

RRP : 45€


Baie des Trésors - Fleur du vent

Baie des Trésors – Flowers of the wind

70cl – 49,8% ABV

RRP : 45€

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