Australia: KitKat launches a new range of rum flavoured chocolates

KitKat, the famous chocolate covered crispy wafer, is unveiling a special range of rum infused chocolate bars for the end of the year!

kitkat au rhum

Who said sweets were only for kids? Adults will now be able to enjoy rum-infused KitKat! The Nestle giant has partnered with a Sydney-based craft distillery called Brix. Founded in 2017, this distillery makes molasses rums aged in barrels that have contained wine from around the world.

Joyce Tan, Nestlé’s marketing manager for the confectionery, makes no secret of her excitement, “We’re always exploring new ways to surprise and delight KitKat fans this holiday season with exciting flavor combinations and collaborations.”

KitKat offers three flavors: mojito, caramelized pecan, and spiced Christmas pudding. The “mojito” is infused with white rum, lime, grapefruit and mint. The “caramelized pecan” is infused with gold rum, pecan, and ginger. Finally the “Christmas pudding” is infused with spiced rum, crumbled pudding, currants, and macadamias. What a way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The price, 20$ for the 3 recipes composed of 8 bars and is available in Australia or online as a limited edition for the end of year celebrations.


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