A1710: a string of Perles!

2018 vintages by the shoveful! Talking about the new blends by A1710: Nuée Ardente and Soleil de Minuit…

Rhums A1710

Let’s begin with Nuée Ardente 44.8%, a blend of 7 rums aged for 10 to 18 years. More woody notes and character, a direct result (we’ve been told) of the extra year the rums that make up its recipe spent ageing! Also adding one more candle to its birthday cake, Soleil de Minuit is back with a blend of 6 rums aged for 9 to 12 ans, more character and a darker colour!

Let’s now move on to Perles Rares: the 2018 versions of R579 and B69 566 are in the process of being bottled, and they are organic versions. R579 is destined for Martinique only, but -there’s always a ‘but’- the very fortunate will get a few bottles… La Compagnie du Rhum and Christian de Montaguère will be happy to sell you their bottles. We’ve been told that B69 566 will be available in continental France, but in very limited quantities.

Finally, Renaissance is a white blended rum made from pure sugarcane juice. It has benefitted from a long fermentation process of 5 to 6 days, yeasts used for wine-making and a few days spent in oak casks previously used for brandy. Bottled manually in numbered carafes.

A1710 Renaissance

70cl – 52%

A1710 Soleil de minuit (2017 edition)

70 cl – 46.4 %

A1710 Nuée Ardente (2017 edition)

70 cl – 44,6%


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