1731, the brand that makes us travel without additives

But why 1731? Because it is from this date that the sailors of the British Royal Navy began to receive a daily half-pint of rum in addition to their basic salary.

It is in this sense that the creators of the brand wanted to pay tribute to the history of rum. 1731 wishes to create “pure origin” rums by selecting the best rums from the four corners of the world. From Panama to Mauritius and Belize, this range of rums has no artificial colors or flavors.

The Mauritius 7 year is a blend of rums aged for 7 years in cognac and wine barrels plus some older vintages with an additional 3 years in acacia wood or port barrels. A powerful and well-balanced rum that once again demonstrates the island’s molasses know-how.

1731 – Mauritius 7 ans

1731 – Mauritius 7 year

70cl – 46% ABV

RRP : 63,90€

1731 – Panama 8 ans

The Panama 8 year old is distilled in traditional column stills and then aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The tropical climate of the country offers a unique aging to the product which offers spicy aromas ranging from vanilla to roasted coffee.

1731 – Panama 8 year

70cl – 46% ABV

1731 – Belize 12 ans

Belize is also aged in its country of origin in ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of 12 years. This full-bodied rum reveals notes of ripe fruits.

1731 – Belize 12 year

70cl – 46% ABV

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