Worthy Park’s awakening. Are you worthy of Worthy Park?

The Worthy Park distillery is the only genuine “single estate” rum producer in Jamaica. Single estate means that “WP” is the only estate to independently produce 100% of its rum, from planting its own sugarcane to bottling, as well as fermentation and distillation—failing which it can’t be called rum, naturally.

Worthy Park rhum

Worthy Park also makes the Rum-Bar, a favorite of bartenders, and has earned a great reputation thanks to its rums bottled by independent bottlers. WP has finally decided to surf on its own wave, presenting us with four new rums.


The Rum-Bar Silver is the classic Rum-Bar White with 40% ABV instead of over 60% and specifically targets the bar crowd. It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit cocktails with this richly-flavored rum typical of Jamaican pot stills but with a more sensible percentage of alcohol.

The Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve is a blend of six to ten year old molasses rums distilled in pot stills and aged in bourbon casks with an ABV of 45%.

The Worthy Park Marsala Cask Finish & Oloroso Cask Finish share the same foundation: a 2012 rum distilled in pot stills and aged four years in bourbon casks and you know the rest… one more year of Marsala or Oloroso polishing.

Our opinion: the Oloroso finish has some qualities, with a classic yet pleasant butter flavor and a thin cocoa finish, but the Marsala has no redeeming values except maybe the subtle raisin flavor, very well hidden in the finish. Both have a fairly high ABV approaching 60%.

Rum-Bar Silver

70cl – 40% ABV

SRP: €25.90

Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve

70cl – 45% ABV

SRP: €59

Worthy Park Marsala Cask Finish

319 bottles

70cl – 60% ABV

SRP: €89

Worthy Park Oloroso Cask Finish

428 bottles

70cl – 59% ABV

SRP: €83

Sold by: wine & liquor stores through LMDW


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