Txikiteo : the Bruant House unveils its blends

Txikiteo, a new brand created by Bruant, offers two new amber rums.

The first is a blend of rums from the Caribbean, the second a blend of rums from Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

The name “Txikiteo” comes from a Basque tradition that gave the opportunity to get out of the daily routine by going to drink “txikitos” (or small glasses of wine) from bar to bar with friends.

Txikiteo By Bruant - Carribean

Txikiteo – Caribbean

70cl – 42% ABV

RRP : 35

Txikiteo By Bruant - Venezuela, République Dominicaine, Jamaïque

Txikiteo – Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Jamaica

70cl – 40% ABV

RRP : 38€


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