The Ricci Family unveils its “Exceptional” selections for the autumn

There’s no stopping the Ricci Family! This independent bottling house, launched barely a year ago, is multiplying its blends and selections. For this autumn, Morgan Ricci offers us four cuvées making up the new “Exception” range: Caroni, Foursquare, Fiji, and Bellevue.

Famille Ricci Caroni

Caroni 23 years (14 years tropical and 9 years continental)
70cl – 63,6% ABV
RRP: 369€.
231 bottles

Famille Ricci Foursquare

Foursquare 20 years (60% pot still, 14 years in the tropics and 6 years in a continental climate)
70cl – 56,8% ABV
RRP: 189€.
160 bottles

Famille Ricci Fiji

Fiji 20 years old (100% pot still, 13 years tropical and 7 years continental)
70cl – 60,7% ABV
RRP: 195€.
150 bottles


Famille Ricci Bellevue

Bellevue 23 years old (14 years tropical and 9 years continental ageing)
70cl – 57,3% of alcohol
RRP: 209€
150 bottles

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