The aptly-named Favorite!

La Favorite, a rum producer on the rise among rum lovers, has set aside 5,000 bottles of its 2009 vintage, previously available at Club Expert Dugas.

Habitation La Favorite - Rivière Bel Air 2017

Let it be known that trade expos are not the best place to discover new spirits, what with the smell of perspiration, the colognes, being cramped in tight places with other rum lovers… And yet the 2009 vintage was seen as having a rather “alcohol-y” nose, rather dry, with a fairly strong burnt toffee palate, slightly sweet yet short.

The Bel Air 2017 was being finalized, and the samples provided for the trade expo were made especially for the event, and in a rush according to the people from the company. The red cane is there… as well as fruits and a peppery finish. All of this forebodes…

La Favorite Bel Air 2017

70 cl – 53%

SRP: €35

Sold by: wine & liquor stores through Dugas

Baptiste Bochet

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