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Trois Rivières launches its “The Bar Editions Range”

Trois Rivières rums are expanding their presence in the mixology and bar world by offering a new range of rums – exclusively to bartenders. Daniel Baudin, cellar master at Trois Rivières, has surpassed himself in proposing these new products: “55 Origins”, “Double Wood”, “Cannes Brûlées” (Charred Canes)…


Artificial Intelligence’s rum : Interview with Ian Burrell

In an interesting move for the British rum market, Virgin Holiday has begun production of their own blend - ‘the Virgin Holiday Spirit’ - once again proving that rum is the ambassador of tourism. But of course busy Richard Branson and his team didn’t just follow the…


Trois Rivières: from the plantation to the still

Thanks to Rhum, this little Martinique hamlet has become famous around the world - even if its distillery has been out of action since 2004. But the 120 ha plantation still provides its sugarcane juice, and the two distillation columns are still active on the Riviere-Pilote site,…


An upmarket move for Maison La Mauny

Whilst in 2014 the BBS group decided to review the Trois Rivières range and, to our great pleasure, this year they have decided to revisit the products of the recently renamed Maison La Mauny.

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