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Admiral Rodney triples its fleet

Cabin boy, get ready, there isn’t one but three Admiral Rodney’s mooring at quay. FYI, George Rodney, a.k.a. Georgie, won the battle of the Saintes in 1782. Due to my poor nautical vocabulary, I’ll stop using this “anchor tatooed on the arm” style in the rest of…


Chairman’s Reserve 1931 is back, stronger, more unique!

For your reference, Chairman’s Reserve 1931 is a limited edition by Saint Lucia Distillers, a group distilling on the small island of Saint Lucia, south of Martinique. Six editions  have succeeded each other year after year, but from now on Chairman’s Reserve will be a continuous blend,…


El Pasador de Oro, the perfect gift for your brother-in-law?

Once again, Guatemalan rums are distinguishing themselves. And once again, it’s about sugarcane honey, when the freshly pressed sugarcane juice is warmed slowly until the water evaporates and only concentrated sugar remains. Called “virgin cane honey” in the original Guatemalan rum vocabulary, the product is then fermented…

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.